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Come to me if you want the wedding photos of your dreams.

People choose me to be their wedding photographer because their wedding photos are of the utmost importance.  My clients value quality wedding photographs. At the end of the day, all you have to remember everything that happened, what you created, who was there, how you felt, and, what you did, is the photographs. And, if they are excellent photographs, you will have great memories that you can pass down for generations.  I put you on a pedestal from the onset, and I'm invested in you from day one.   I will look after you.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, I would love to meet you.  

Pricing: My pricing starts from $2750.  To find out if I am still free on your date, please call me on 03 8742 4588, or please email me.  


My Perfect Wedding Day Package 

I only have one wedding photography package - this is it.  It's perfect! 



  • Lots of careful planning, communication and consultation

  • Complimentary warm-up pre-wedding photoshoot, two months before your wedding day

  • Two professional wedding photographers on your wedding day, including Sheona

  • Coverage: groom preparations | bride preparations | ceremony | family portraits | location photos | sunset 'sneak-out' | reception until 9pm



  • All of your beautiful images placed into your online gallery within three weeks (ready for you to download)​

  • 700-800 image files, perfectly corrected, ready to print to wall size
  • Three versions of each digital image (rich colour, matte colour, and B/W) - total 2400 images

  • Luxury leather, heirloom quality, lay-flat album (20 pages, 12x12 inches)


Detailed Description of My Perfect Wedding Day Package

Groom Preparations
The groom may also have many family and friends present whilst he gets ready, or he may simply be alone.  It is usually a very reflective time for the husband-to-be and the right photographer can see through the jokes to capture the subtle nerves and special moments.  Again, the time required to perfectly capture one groom's preparations is not the same amount of time that another groom would require, and so we will plan this into the timetable for the day.  This is included in my price.

Bridal Preparations
I turn up at the bride's location, with my second photographer, to photograph all the little details that she needs to remember, everyone who was there, and everything that happened.  Of course, I obtain beautiful family portraits, photos of the bridesmaids, flower girls and any other people like grandmothers and other relatives.  I am often chosen by brides because of the beautiful bridal portraits that I take - this is your day to shine and we need to make sure we capture how stunning you will be.  I don't like to assign a 'set' duration for this work.  I will discuss the amount of photographs that need to be taken at this location with you prior to the day.  Some girls will only have one bridesmaid and no family whilst others will have five bridesmaids, two flower girls, both parents, a grandmother, three aunties and her Godparents present while she gets ready.  I like to be flexible and get the best photographs possible.  I will take the amount of time that is right for your wedding.  Whatever time I choose to spend with the bride whilst she prepares, it will be to obtain the best photographs - not to cram as much as I can into a set timeframe.  This is included in my price.

The central part of your day; the reason for everything!  I like to get there about 15 minutes before the bride so that I can capture guests as they arrive along with a few nervous shots of the groom.  It's the perfect time for me to introduce myself to your celebrant and organise where I will take group photos and family portraits according to the light and weather on the dayIncluded in my price. 

Family Portraits
I like to allow up to half an hour for the traditional, formal family portraits.  However, we can work through your timeline prior to the day; some couples just need half a dozen family portraits, and others like to photograph many combinations of friends, work colleagues and relatives.  Many couples also want a large group photo of all guests; I usually take this after the ceremony and before the family portraits. Included in my price.

Location Shoot
These are those fun, romantic photographs that are usually taken between the wedding ceremony and the reception.  We can take them all at the the same venue, if that's what you would like, or we can travel around and visit two or three places before you are announced to your guests.  Don't forget your lipstick and, if necessary, a pair of flat shoes to slip on!  The amount if time we spend here is up to you. Any number of locations are included in my price.

Reception Details
When you have spent so much time and energy preparing your reception for the big event, it's heartening to know that all of your little details will be photographed to perfection - table decorations, flowers, menus, candles, bonboniere, table settings, place cards, room decorations, etc. This is included in my price.

Sunset 'Sneak-out'
Almost every single one of my couples is interested in a few romantic images captured in that soft light around sunset.  This needs to be inserted into the timetable for the evening so that you don't let your dinner go cold!  There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing these fabulous shots.  Sometimes sunset is at 5:30pm and other times it is at 8:30pm.  Sometimes there is no sunset due to cloud coverage and this is when we can take advantage of fairy lights, lanterns, candles, and other lighting that comes into its own just as it is getting dark (up to an hour after the sun has set).  Having some time alone for some romantic photographs once you've had a chance to relax is a little indulgent. This is dependant upon timing on the day and is included in my price.

Reception Coverage
Generally we leave at 9pm.  However, if you would like a photographer to stay on after 9pm, just let us know.  Time is charged as it is used.  This can be booked before your wedding, or on the night, if your schedule runs a little behind.  My price includes coverage until 9pm.

Digital Images
Every one of your beautiful photographs, ready for you to download, within three weeks.  Provided in high resolution so they are immediately ready for you to print to full size.  You will receive three versions of each image. These are included in my price.

Luxury Heirloom Wedding Album
A heavy, solid, leather-covered album holding your favourite images from the day.  This beautiful, generous wedding day heirloom holds 20 pages, and is a massive 12x12 inches. This is included in my price, although you can upgrade to more pages.

Matted Prints
It's lovely to be able to give a gift to special people.  I'll also give you three matted prints - one for you and perhaps one for each set of parents.  A perfect way to say 'thank you'.  My matted prints are a common size that will make it easy for you to pick up a frame to match.  I'll show them to you when you pop over for your initial consultation.  These are included in my price.


Small Weddings

Don't be afraid to ask me to cover smaller weddings.  For example, registry office weddings.  I will work alone, if it's only for two or three hours, at just $1,200 for two hours, or $1,600 for three hours, including your beautiful digital files.  After three hours, I prefer to offer a complete coverage of your wedding day, so the full package price will apply.  


A Final Note

Please select a good photographer.  I have heard countless stories from married couples who have been disappointed in their wedding photography results (and each time they NEVER thought it would happen to them!).  You should ask to see several weddings that the photographer has photographed.  Ask to see each image - the WHOLE wedding - from start to finish.  Look at ALL of the photos that the couple received - not just the best shots.  A good photographer will be proud to show you their full weddings.  I've been trained by some of the world's best wedding photographers.  Please view my recent weddings, containing every photo the couple received, here

Happy organising!

Sheona x