Sheona Wedding Photography Brisbane | Mel Newborn2 Proofs

Hi there!

Please remember that these are just proofs - they have not been enhanced. You can select ten (10) images. If you'd like more images, I can do further Photoshop work for $30 per image.

1. Please view your proofs and then click on the little hearts to select your favourites.

2. Once you have narrowed it down, go to the top left corner of your screen and click 'My Selection' to sort through and cull your favourites.

3. When you are ready, let me know your favourites.

Your finished images will be emailed to you or uploaded to a gallery on this website within a week, ready to download and print. How exciting!


*Don't pay attention to the lighting, the background, or the way that your skin looks as I will fix that. Instead, focus on the pose, facial expressions and emotion.

*So you know, I work on wrinkles, blemishes, putting the sparkle into eyes, reducing double-chins, losing a bit of weight, etc. If you have something specific in mind, let me know and I will do my best.

*These are PROOFS and there may be occasional blurry images within. Often I make blurry images because I am talking or making sounds whilst clicking. If you inadvertently select an image that is slightly blurry, I will select an almost identical image that is sharp when I am editing the images.

Any questions, just call :)

03 8742 4588 Sheona x