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Luxury Heirloom Tuscany Leather Albums

These albums are amazing.  World-class quality; made in the U.S.  The beautifully distressed leathers are stunning.  I love these albums.  They are the finest quality with a timeless and enduring beauty.  They are not just albums of images that you see - they are albums that you will feel.  Made with the highest calibre of materials and craftsmanship.  The most refined book for our most discerning customers.

"A birth certificate shows you were born, a death certificate shows you died and a photo album shows that you lived".  Anon

Ridiculously good-looking colours

Built like my leather album, but featuring beautifully distressed leathers, velvety matte paper and the option for a cameo window.

Tuscan KISS 14bTuscan KISS 14b

Hover over the images for the colour name, or click on the image for a larger view.

Ardesia with CameoArdesia with Cameo Ardesia without CameoArdesia without Cameo   Cannella without CameoCannella without Cameo Cannella with CameoCannella with Cameo Cioccolato with CameoCioccolato with Cameo Cioccolato without CameoCioccolato without Cameo   Crema without CameoCrema without Cameo Crema with CameoCrema with Cameo Pelle with CameoPelle with Cameo Pelle without CameoPelle without Cameo