Dear Cobie and Adam,
I love your engagement photos; a bit of a shame about the wind, but you both still did fabulously well. Cobie, you look beautiful! Please remember these are straight out of the camera and have not been Photoshopped. Please let me know your favourite image so I can Photoshop it and email it to you for you to use as you wish.
Sheona x
Cobie + Adam-0002Cobie + Adam-0001Cobie + Adam-0003Cobie + Adam-0004Cobie + Adam-0005Cobie + Adam-0006Cobie + Adam-0007Cobie + Adam-0008Cobie + Adam-0009Cobie + Adam-0010Cobie + Adam-0011Cobie + Adam-0014Cobie + Adam-0012Cobie + Adam-0013Cobie + Adam-0015Cobie + Adam-0016Cobie + Adam-0017Cobie + Adam-0019Cobie + Adam-0018Cobie + Adam-0020